Sunday, July 27, 2014

Country Living Fair finds adorn my Guest Bathroom

I have posted pictures of my guest bathroom before but I wanted to share two items that I purchased at the Country Living Fair and added to the room. This small bathroom was originally the bourning room when the house, the Brayton Homestead, was built in 1796. 

The fair was so fantastic!  I have not stopped thinking about all the lovely antiques, jewelry and crafts I bought and all the incredible things I did not. A black lidded mason jar soap dispenser completed a long search for just the right vessel for my favorite ginger hand soap and there it was at the fair.   

Behind the doors on the right are a washer and dryer with shelves above; so easy to get laundry done. Another shutter door hides a shower. The bathroom project came out better than I expected and offers so many uses. 

Has been a few months since the CL Fair and getting things placed. The black and white hide was the other new addition to the room from the fair.

Louver shutters are repeated on the windows, top and bottom. They offer many configurations for season and light changes. I like to use shutters  on client work for that same reason. Will share more finds from the Country Living Fair. Enjoy and thanks for visiting!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

my Tutorial to make a Patriotic table centerpiece

Happy Fourth of July from all at the Brayton Homestead. 
It is an especially fun holiday to decorate for. This season it started with the bottom half of my dad's
rusted tackle box. If you do not have a tackle box, a wood box, ceramic dish or white
ironstone tureen would be great.

I have held on to that box for decades! A few pots  of pansies right in their plastic containers went in first,  white then red then white, 3 square pots in all.  

Then I added dollar store flags in each pot. Not liking that I could see the plastic of the pots, I cut a strip of read check gingham cotton fabric and places it around all three pots, tucking it in a bit but not enough to get wet when I watered it.

I forgot to mention that I took a few plastic cups of rocks from my stone driveway and placed them in the bottom of the tackle box. I would recommend using clean rocks, white or grey, available by the bag in many craft stores. 

The homestead, circa 1796 begs to be dressed with red white and blue, and is easy to
decorate. A small addition of color as in this tackle box patriotic arrangement could fit in any room in your home.

Hope you enjoyed...
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Monday, June 9, 2014


I attended the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck New York this weekend. What a fantastic time. 
Got to meet and chat with the Cari Cucksey, the Star of Cash and Cari.  Their show features appraisals of items someone's home and then selling right on the property, a cool selling it in a  Her show She has a line of paints she was selling and demonstrating. I bought a great color pink and will share my project soon. So wish I had bought every color!... 

One of many fantastic booths. The styling and items all fantastic. So many incredibly talented artists and craftsmen. It was so more than I though it would be.

Yes, quite exhausted at the end of each day. Memories and items to last !

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Day at the homestead

Greetings from my homestead! 

I have been so busy for the last few months. It has been a whirlwind of excitement since my home was featured in the Home Tour edition 

My Memorial Day weekend was quiet but nice, mostly planting flowers and getting ready for a season of outdoor entertaining and fun! My decorating this year was very simple. My favorite woven planter on the ed 
front door with all white petunia flowers. All in one pot, placed easily in the wicker basket.

My old buggy/ sleigh seat that usually goes out only in the winter months found it's way on the front steps.

My copper trim under the door is aging with a great verdigris patina. Because the
 original base trim is 216 years old and cannot be removed I covered it with copper
to protect it. The trim is partially underneath the original door frame and would be very 
difficult to take out, and of course I would not want to. 

Have a great week!

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